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Don't you love when consumers are delighted with your product the first time they try it? 

When you offer them a sample, there is a good chance they will try more. With a SmartSource Sampling program, you can offer consumers that sample. Chances are once they try your product, they’ll like it, buy it and come back to buy more.


In-Store Sampling helps your brand jump out of the “buy me” clutter.

At-shelf sampling creatively distributes samples right at the shelf, allowing consumers to give your product a try and minimizing the “I’m not sure I’ll like this” risk factor. 


When you send a sample to consumers at home, you are giving the primary shopper or someone in their household a chance to try it—and building an opportunity for them to add it to their shopping lists.

Direct-Mail Sampling pinpoints consumers at home, using either loyalty-card data or geo-demographic targeting1. We provide you with complete direct-mail services, from pre-press and retailer solicitation to carton and carrier design, retailer solicitation, printing and fulfillment. 
13rd-party databases, with NAM access secured on a program-by-program basis.  

In addition to sending samples through the mail, you may distribute them through our free-standing insert SmartSource Magazine, polybags, door hangers or custom inserts. Using these delivery vehicles you may target at the zip-code level based on key geographic and demographic data or focus on areas around key retail locations. Rely on us to provide you with turnkey program execution including program logistics, including printing, fulfillment and distribution.


Let consumers request samples with the click of a mouse or while on the go. 

Our online sampling options also let consumers pick samples as they browse our online coupon network We give retailers the ability to deliver coupons or samples off of their websites and we can also support sampling from manufacturer’s websites or social-media channels such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

For all of our Online Sampling Programs, we handle fulfillment of all samples, from design of the mailing package through delivery of the sample.


Find out what consumers think of your sample.

We have evaluation capabilities for the following sampling programs: 
  • Our Home-Delivered programs measure incremental sales attributable to your sampling program through pre- and post-promotion analysis with test and control-panel matches at the household level. For polybag and door-hanger programs, data is collected through third-party phone surveys that capture recall, trial and future purchase intent.
  • Online Sampling research includes a variety of pre- and post-sampling program surveys that evaluate recall, trial and future purchase intent.

Learn how you can connect with your consumers at every point of decision. Contact a News America Marketing sales representative at 1-800-462-0852 today.