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Program Planning & Evaluation


Research is a critical tool for planning and assessing your home-delivered, in-store and digital program performance.

Our proprietary research products and partnerships with the nation’s leading research providers help ensure the success of your home-delivered, in-store and digital media programs.

Planning Your Program

We will work with you to design an efficient and cost-effective program that reaches your target audience and delivers on your brand objectives.

Carefully plan your next:

  • SmartSource Magazine FSI program using SmartMatrix, a proprietary, web-based FSI-planning tool that creates optimal market lists.
  • SmartSource Digital Media programs using DYNAMIQ to geo-target the consumers you want to reach to help meet your brand and sales goals.  

Evaluating Your Program

Measure the impact of your SmartSource Home-Delivered, In-Store, or Digital-Media program on your brand’s performance.

  • Consumer-Intercept Studies measure your program’s affect on brand and advertising awareness, brand imagery and purchase intent.  
  • Matched-Panel Control-Store Testing quantifies the incremental sales impact of SmartSource in-store and digital-media programs on your brand’s sales
  • Incrementality and Coupon-Redeemer Analysis uses frequent-shopper data to provide incremental sales and insight into coupon redeemers of your SmartSource Magazine free-standing insert or In-Store Coupon Machine program.
  • IRI Trended Sales Data tracks the sales performance of brands during a SmartSource Magazine, Price Feature Plus promotion or Digital Media program. 

Our strong research-provider partnerships help us get our clients the best data in the industry:



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