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It makes perfect sense. Advertising in stores reminds consumers about your brand and to pick up your product and toss it into their shopping carts.

When you use In-Store media, you close the loop on your advertising and bring the equity of your campaign to the store.

SmartSource In-Store Advertising and Promotion provides you with an In-Store media portfolio that reaches millions of consumers each month.1 Our wide retailer network includes stores covering the food, drug, mass, convenience, dollar, domestic and auto classes of trade2.

1Reach/Frequency/Impressions: Based on IRI data, estimated from avg household visits to NAM program stores in an average 4-week period. Avg reach and impressions per store based on cycle 4, 2013 NAM in-store lists and based on Shelftalk estimates for all tactics. % Reach based on Total US HH from IRI HH panel, 2012. This impressions analysis is based on the average traffic per store from store traffic from February 2012, and based on the cycle 4, 2013 News America Shelftalk food list, but has been re-calculated for cycle 1, 2016 national store counts for the grocery COT.; 2As of July 2016  


SmartSource shelf-based advertising products can give your brand the awareness and presence it needs at the shelf.

Whether it is advertising that extends from the shelf in a way that is instantly noticeable, video or product packaging that engages consumers at the shelf, SmartSource shelf-based advertising helps to act as the category tie-breaker just as shoppers are finalizing their purchase decisions·         

In addition to advertising at the shelf, programs that allow you to advertise on shopping carts or place over-sized decals on the floor help you reach consumers throughout the store, building awareness and reminding consumers of your product.

When it comes to generating trial for non-brand/category users, influencing switchers to buy your brand over others in their consideration set, or reminding loyal users to buy your product, we offer programming that can help move the needle.

Delivering coupon savings or adding extra value with sweepstakes, recipes, rebates, prescription-drug information or any other kind of bonus information can help encourage trial or encourage consumers to choose your product over the others on the shelf.  

What’s a secret to edging out the stiff competition in the store? Give consumers a free trial as they shop.

SmartSource In-Store Sampling programs do just that. Our Sampling portfolio of media gives you a variety of ways to let consumers try a little.

Advertise with creative that help to make consumers stop and act! We can add scent, sound, custom attachments, even glitter to your creative, giving it the stopping power you need. Together, we can execute any kind of custom creative you can imagine!

Our in-store programs have national reach, thanks to our retailer network, which includes top-tier retailers across a wide variety of trade classes.

Our network gives you the flexibility to run a campaign that’s as large or as targeted as you need. Run programs across the entire network, by region or by chain—the breadth of your campaign is completely up to you.

Installation is our top priority.

Our in-house field force of over 3,000 employees is committed to the installation and service of your in-store programs. Installation is not outsourced to a third party.

In-Store advertising is not just for CPG manufacturers.

Some of the world’s largest and most well-known brands use In-Store as a way to build brand equity to a target market that is in a captive and category-exclusive environment. These advertisers rely on the efficiency of SmartSource In-Store advertising to deliver their message to consumers over an extended period of time. Your consumer may not be thinking about a solution to their problem today, but when they are, your brand is in front of them with the answer they need.


Learn how you can connect with your consumers at important points of decision. Contact a News America Marketing sales representative at 1-800-462-0852 today.