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Home Delivered

For millions of consumers the decision about what to buy starts at home1.

Our home-delivered programs use either wide-reaching or pinpoint-targeted media to help reach consumers in their homes and get them thinking about your brand.

1POPAI,2012, 24% of decisions were made in home.  

Consumers look for our free-standing insert filled with advertising and coupon savings.  

Today, almost everyone seems to be looking for extra value, savings, and brand information—and it looks like the trend is here to stay. When searching for coupons, promotions or brand information, consumers pull out our coupon magazine, SmartSource Magazine, from their weekly publications.

Align your brand with the Super Bowl, popular seasonal promotion windows and topical cause-related organizations

People are passionate about their sports events, holidays and other special causes. Our Partnerships-themed programs allow your brand to show its allegiance to these events and causes via special licensing and other creative branding on your SmartSource Magazine, in-store or digital program. Our themed programs include events such as the Super Bowl Savings Spectacular, Summer Blast-Off and Back to school, as well as health-related programming supporting women's cancer awareness, healthy habits and many more! 

With manufacturer and retailer collaboration important,  our account-specific FSI program, Price Feature Plus (PFP), makes it easy. 

Working with manufacturers, retailers gain access to running ads in SmartSource Magazine that highlight both the brand and the retailer. In return, retailers may provide manufacturers with increased merchandising opportunities. The result is increased store traffic and increased brand sales—a winning combination.

How does it work?

When consumers flip through SmartSource Magazine, many consumers stop for the coupon savings and then see the retail-featured price for even greater savings. This retailer-specific pricing can motivate consumers to head out to the featured retailer for the best savings.

Consumers love to look at home-delivered advertising and publication inserts, whether they are just browsing or actively looking for product information and deals.

SmartSource Media Group specializes in the printing, planning and placement of pre-print media. Utilizing a compilation of data points1 and our proprietary SmartSource Pinpoint tool, we are able to optimize publication choices resulting in an effective media plan. Services include media planning, placement, analytics and rate negotiation. Polybags, door hangers and other unique formats provide our clients with breakthrough formats that get customers’ attention. Whether your objective is to drive traffic and sales at your brick and mortar locations or directly to your website, SmartSource Media Group has the expertise to develop and execute campaigns that deliver your promotions and can help increase sales.  
13rd party databases, with NAM access secured on a program-by-program basis. 

Reach exactly who you want with full-service, highly targeted direct-mail programs.   

SmartSource Direct, our direct-mail marketing division, delivers advertising that can be targeted by behavior, demographics or geographics. Our retailer relationships give us access to data1 that reveals the weekly buying habits of shoppers at thousands of food, drug and mass retailers. Using that purchase-behavior data, you can target consumers with pinpoint accuracy. To target around key retailers, that do not have loyalty-card programs, such as Walmart, we can create geo-demographic programs using national panel-survey data.

13rd party databases, with NAM access secured on a program-by-program basis. 


Learn how you can connect with your consumers at important points of decision. Contact a News America Marketing sales representative at 1-800-462-0852 today.