News America Marketing Launches Savings App for Apple Watch

April 27, 2015

SmartSource In-Store Assistant to Simplify Grocery Savings and Transactions

New York, NY (April 27, 2015) — News America Marketing (NAM), the premier promotional marketing services company in the U.S. and Canada, today announced the launch of their Apple Watch savings app, SmartSource In-Store Assistant, intended to simplify and streamline grocery savings and transactions at participating retailers. SmartSource In-Store Assistant is associated with SmartSource Coupons for iOS and will be available for free in the App Store shortly.

SmartSource In-Store Assistant gives users a fast and convenient way to access store loyalty cards and the coupons associated with them. Users can then use their Apple Watch to complete their grocery transaction, with coupons being redeemed through their loyalty card and payment being made through Apple Pay.

“With digital and wearable devices continuing to become an integral part of the way consumers live their lives, we are thrilled to offer a premium product that will make shopping easier and resonate with tech savvy shoppers.” said Marty Garofalo, CEO, News America Marketing.

With SmartSource In-Store Assistant, users will be able to scan their pre-selected store loyalty card at checkout without opening the app. Using Glances, users can easily access their loyalty card to see the coupons associated with it, whether clipped from the SmartSource Coupons app on iOS, on the web at, or even the retailer’s own site. And soon, users will even be able to clip additional coupons and access special in-store offers from their Apple Watch while shopping.

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About News America Marketing®

News America Marketing is the premier marketing partner of some of the world’s most well-known brands. From our iconic Sunday coupon insert, SmartSource Magazine®, to our innovative digital savings platforms, News America Marketing’s SmartSource®-branded advertising and promotion programs are an integral part of America’s shopping routine. We reach millions of consumers each day through our network of 1,900+ publications1, 56,975+ retail stores2, and 500 online partner sites including our own SmartSource.com3. Since 1988, we have delivered advertising and promotions that are proven to helpbrands succeed.

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  1. NAM market list effective January, 2015
  2. Based on an aggregate of NAM cycle 5, 2015 SSCM for all classes of trade with the exception of specialty stores that accept only Carts or Shelftalk
  3. As of December 2014