Beringer Launches Category-Changing Method of Consumer Sampling with Taste Station Program

March 31, 2015

NAPA, CA (March 31st, 2015) – This month Beringer unveils an industry-leading innovation that allows consumers to preview wine in stores without even taking a sip. Launching now as a test in Kroger stores in twenty states, shoppers in wine aisles will be able to sample three varietals of Beringer commercial wines through a taste station experience that allows them to try a new wine or varietal in a matter of seconds. The Beringer taste station, mounted on the wine shelf for easy use, dispenses single servings via a ‘flavor strip’ that allows consumer trial at any hour of the day. Beringer has created flavor strips for three of its most popular wines – Chardonnay which is currently seeing 26% growth, its best-selling White Zinfandel, and Cabernet Sauvignon..

In a category that can be challenging to navigate and boasts astounding variety, the Beringer taste strips offer wine shoppers a way to try a new brand or varietal before committing to the purchase. The result of a year-long campaign to innovate in a very competitive set, the taste stations represent a new chapter in consumer sampling and wine education in-store. “We are tremendously proud of the research that has gone into what we know will be a category-changing addition,” said Tammy Ackerman, Senior Brand Manager for Beringer. “This is the type of innovation you would expect from a significant brand such as Beringer, which is currently growing at 6% thus outpacing the category and our competitors.”

For retailers, the value of converting casual shoppers in a crowded wine aisle to engaged consumers sampling Beringer wines at any moment is unparalleled, as 94% of women running households say sampling gives them a better idea of a product than advertising.. Easy to use and installed on shelves, the strips are mounted on a small piece of plastic with each strip being individually wrapped as well as non-alcoholic. The taste stations are also equipped with cutouts for the discarded packaging so as not to generate any clutter in-store. Additionally,Beringer has partnered with News America Marketing to install and manage the taste stations allowing retailers to offer their customers this exciting innovation without maintenance requirements. By not using valuable floor space and offering eye-level engagement and education with wine shoppers, the taste stations promise to be another valuable touch point for Beringer and retailers. The company anticipates the program will be adopted by multiple retailers in the coming months. For video with more details about the Beringer taste station please visit

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About Beringer Vineyards

The longest continually operating winery in California, Beringer has been Napa Valley’s benchmark producer since its establishment in 1876. An acclaimed portfolio of wines are crafted from Napa’s finest appellations and Beringer’s exceptional collection of vineyards. The historic estate in St. Helena offers a tradition of hospitality that defines the Napa Valley.