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Reach Consumers In Store

The place to influence purchase decisions is in the store where 76% of purchase decisions* are made, so having your brand advertised at the actual point of decision makes perfect sense.


Our portfolio of in-store media, placed in food, drug, mass, dollar, office-supply, domestic and auto stores nationwide, includes coupon and promotion dispensers, in-store video, at-shelf signage and floor and shopping cart advertising and reaches up to 74 million households every four weeks**.



*POPAI 2012 Shopper Engagement Study, Media Topline Report, based on grocery COT

**Measurement of HH shopper traffic in NAM program stores over average 4-week period in 2012, using cycle 4, 2013 Shelftalk store list. Current estimate reflects national store count for SSCM for food COT as of cycle 10, 2013.


A Closer Look at Our In-Store Products

At-Shelf Advertising

SmartSource Shelftalk and Shelftalk Banner
Our at-shelf advertising program delivers four-color signage at the shelf in front of your brand.


SmartSource Shelftake One®
Our pamphlet dispenser delivers product information, recipes, rebates, prescription-drug information and sweepstakes forms at the shelf.


SmartSource Showcase®
Our at-shelf display program attaches your product packaging directly to the shelf in front of your brand.


In-Store Coupons
SmartSource Coupon Machine®
Our coupon dispenser delivers at shelf incentives to consumers.

Shopping Cart Advertising
SmartSource Carts
Our shopping cart advertising delivers your message throughout the store. 


Local advertisers can run store-specific or neighborhood advertising campaigns; please contact our local advertising partner, STARKART at or by calling 866.767.3238.


In-Store Video

SmartSource Shelfvision Video
Our in-store video unit delivers 32 seconds of television-like advertising at the shelf, in front of your product.

Floor Advertising

SmartSource Floortalk
Our billboard-sized floor advertising adheres directly to the floor of the store.


Our in-store sampling programs deliver your product sample to consumers at the point of decision.


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