Our Mission: Partners in Growth

At News America Marketing, we are obsessed with understanding and motivating people wherever they choose to shop in order to unlock shopper-based growth.

Whether your objective is to build brand awareness, increase sales, drive trial or launch a new product—we have solutions to reach consumers along the path to purchase. Our omni-channel portfolio includes home-delivered, in-store, sampling, digital and mobile media that can reach almost every adult in the country, no matter how, where or when they go shopping.

Branded to consumers as SmartSource, our portfolio delivers advertising, coupons, sampling, merchandising and other promotions that can influence shoppers along the path to purchase.

We work with many of the biggest companies and brands in the world who count on us to help them to gain better household penetration, gain better trade support and sell more product. Contact us today so we can help you make the most of your business too!

Learn how you can connect with your consumers at important points of decision. Contact a News America Marketing sales representative at 1-800-462-0852 today.

Not just products – solutions

Help Reach and Influence Your Consumers

We know that reaching out and effectively communicating with customers requires a carefully considered strategy with multiple points of decision. With your needs in mind, we’ve built an entire portfolio of media products and services that are designed to support your marketing strategies.

Join the best and brightest

Being successful matters to us. That drive and commitment shows in the kind of people we are and in the work that we do. We’re goal-oriented and eager for new challenges. You’ll find that it also shows in the way that we hire, train, and develop our team.